DAY 12

It’s late. I’m tired,  frustrated and slightly annoyed that I’m typing on wordpress instead of watching a movie on a Friday night at 11:30pm. Today’s creative challenge was to typographically create a day of the week. Today is Friday and I had a lot of other family commitments so this has been hurriedly produced at 11pm just so I can faithfully stick to my commitment of a daily diary entry. The results are not great, obviously rushed. There is potential in there but the letterforms need crafting and what I have produced is far from crafted. I’m disappointed with the results but pleased that I’ve completed a full week of creative challenges. Tomorrow I’ll start afresh and create a new list for the next seven days but I think I will re-evaluate how I complete this as it’s taking far longer than 15 mins! I’ll sleep on it and come up with an action plan to streamline this process in the morning.

Below are my sketches. Happy Friday!


Fig 1. WInstanley. L. (2015) Friday typography

DAY 12

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