Texture, today’s 15 minute creative challenge.

Back in February of this year, for the Global Perspectives module I went on an art walk. This really opened up me up to the possibility of looking at familiar things from a new perspective but It’s close to 50 degrees outside in Kuwait, so indoors is the only option and for this challenge! Therefore, I decided to use the space I’m in and look for interesting textures around my home; an indoor art walk! So, I set out with my smart phone on a 10 minute treasure hunt for textures.

I was actually quite surprised by the varied amount of beautiful textures I found. When I looked really closely I was able to find beauty in even the most mundane of household items. Who would have guessed I was surrounded by such beautiful secrets?! A quite romantic notion but nevertheless a valid one.

Below are some examples of the images I took, demonstrating my new found admiration for the mundane. I took maybe 30 or 40 images but these select few are the ones that stood out as being the most creatively textured and uniquely different. This exercise has made me evaluate the need to invest in a decent SLR camera; whilst I think the images I took are good in terms of basic composition and colour, quality wise I could produce much better with a good SLR, something to consider. I’ll keep a record of all the images I took as I’m sure they can be used in future projects. I will also upload them online so others can use them for free and Pay it forward. I regularly utilise
So this seems like the ideal platform to share my textures. As soon as I have the time I’ll organise this. Extra feel good bonus from today’s creative challenge!

All Images below 1-7 taken by Winstanley.l (2015)


galss vase


green cutting board

water drops



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