I have spent the morning preparing potential questions for my upcoming interview with Lines Design Creation & Consultancy. I wanted to keep the questions quite open ended to encourage a fluid conversation and to give me the best scope to really get to know what makes Lines tick, so–to–speak.

Firstly, I wrote down a series of key questions which I thought were most relevant and secondly I conducted some online research to get further inspiration for the type of questions I might ask. The research led me avenues of questioning I hadn’t considered, such as reviewing a project that had saved a client money and discussing collaborative projects. I think that by combining my own line of questioning with alternative suggestions I have created a well structured and solid base to begin. As I mentioned previously, It is my intention for the conversation to be quite fluid, so I am fully expecting the answers to these questions to lead elsewhere and to discuss things I hadn’t even thought of so I consider these questions to simply be a platform from which to build.

Initially, I came up with 20 questions in total but after review from my tutor, I’ve combined 2 to make 19 and then restructured the order so that the most important ones are asked first, just in case there is not enough time to cover them all. Below are the final 19 in order fo preference.

  1. Talk me through a typical working day
  2. How is the company structured in terms of hierarchy?
  3. What is the company business model?
  4. Who do you consider to be your competition and what sets you apart from them?
  5. How do you advertise and promote the business and has that been successful?
  6. Who are your main clients and why?
  7. Who would be your ideal client and why?
  8. Tell me a success story where you saved your client money and how you did it.
  9. What are the key elements that contribute to a successful design agency in the Middle East?
  10. How big of an issue do you consider IP infringement to be in Kuwait/Middle East and how do Lines protect their IP?
  11. Do you consider your online presence to be an important aspect of the business?
  12. Describe the most collaborative project Lines has worked on
  13. How do you go about outsourcing or acquisitioning staff?
  14. How do you motivate your team?
  15. What kind of design projects are you most interested in and why?
  16. What is the most challenging aspect of your job?
  17. As a business what should you stop doing?
  18. Does the business receive any outside funding or investment?
  19. What are the business goals for 2015?

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