By giving myself the challenge of completing a 15 minute daily creative task I wanted to ensure that I was producing something, anything creative on a regular basis; this could be related to my main research or just something fun or new to try. My thinking behind this is that it will get me out of my comfort zone and encourage a different line of thought; by trying out new things regularly, I’ll give myself the opportunity to explore and maybe even discover methods or techniques which could be applied to my my main research.

Today’s task was simply the theme of floral. I expected this to be quite a test for me as I don’t consider myself to be a flowery kind of person! I spent a few minutes googling ‘floral’ without finding any inspiration, then it occurred to me that I could make some paper flowers and gift them, assuming they turned out well. I then searched for paper flower tutorials and there so many great ones, I had a hard time choosing. I finally settled on some tissue paper flowers that seemed easy enough to construct; I was aware that time was ticking. I keep a box full of craft items, coloured card, felt, pipe cleaners, buttons, etc. mainly for my daughter, but I do love to make things too. So I grabbed a pack of coloured tissue paper and followed the  online instructions (see link below) . The results are amazing! I just love them. Each flower takes about 10 minutes to make but I was having so much fun I decided to make more. I’m going to gift them to a family member later today but I may even make some more for myself when I have a spare 10 minutes.

red paper flowers yellow paper flowers

This was so much fun, I am glad I started this challenge. I am aware though that this challenge may end up becoming a little too ‘crafty’ and whilst this is not necessarily a bad thing, I don’t want to be perceived as a bored mum making junk just to keep occupied! With this in mind I will attempt to ensure that what I create will utilise a variety of media and will, as much as possible, relate back to my main research. I have already set myself the first 7 ‘themes’ so it may not be possible for those but when setting the next seven I will certainly approach it from a more graphic design perspective than a craft based one.


How to Make Beautiful Crepe Paper Flowers and Chocolates (no date) Available at: (Accessed: 30 June 2015)


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