Until my online portal is up and running I feel as if I have given myself limited opportunity to get creative. Therefore, I have set myself a daily creative challenge. This activity fits in well with my daily diary entry and it is my hope that this will get my, proverbial, creative juices flowing. It may even offer some inspiration to my main research concept and at very least offer me an outlet for personal reflection.

I have set myself some ground rules to ensure this mini project remains organised and concise.

  1. I will spend at least 15 minutes each day creating something (I can choose to spend more than 15 minutes if needed)
  2. This can be related to my main research or an entirely unrelated concept or theme
  3. It is irrelevant if I like or dislike the result as long as I make something that day
  4. I will post the finished piece to this blog
  5. I will critically analyse each piece
  6. I will plan at least one week in advance the daily theme for the creative activity
  7. The medium is entirely open

Here are my creative challenges for the coming week:

  1. A self portrait
  2. Recycled art
  3. Floral
  4. Create something ugly
  5. Texture
  6. Personify an object
  7. Day of the week typography

A self portrait

I considered a number of alternative methods that could be used to create a self portrait, including photography, collage and vector illustration but I decided upon a simple hand drawn sketch. This medium was mainly chosen due to the time restrictions I had specified for this project. I allocated a mere 5 minutes to research, followed by 10 minutes of sketching time. Below is the resulting image.

self portrait

fig 1. Self portrait

I can’t pretend that I am entirely happy with the result or even that it truly resembles me, nevertheless, I do think it successfully conveys the sadness I’ve been feeling in light of recent events, which is something I wasn’t expecting to achieve. This mini project is already proving to be an emotive experience and I find that it is from these unexpected stirrings that the most unusual creative outlets are extended.


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