I’d like to discuss 3 points in this post. The first, being that, as I briefly discussed in day 3, I’ve devised a framework which will facilitate my target of posting a daily diary entry, whilst still maintaining a professional and well considered approach to reflective learning and critical evaluation.

I aim to create a longer, more detailed, weekly review of my progress, each Friday, as this is a day that I regularly have time to dedicate to my studies.  I intend this to take the form of a written analysis, complimented by visuals and other multimedia elements, as and when necessary.  I will also post a daily entry which will be much shorter in length and could simply be a series of sketches, inspirational imagery, links to useful or inspirational websites or even take the form of a video log. I will initially allocate half an hour each day to to preparing a daily post with a view to reviewing this time limit after a week’s trial. The second aspect of this project will be the creative outcomes derived from my proposed online confessions portal. I anticipate that this will take some time to be structured, developed and publicised, therefore, a staggered start is necessary and the results will be very much dependent on the public response.

I now feel far more prepared to tackle this project and am feeling less overwhelmed at the prospect of a daily entry. I will, in due course, review and evaluate this framework to establish its success or lack thereof and will implement any necessary amendments to this structure to maintain the quality of the posts.

The second point for discussion is in dealing with my own insecurities as a designer and an academic. Last semester’s body of work was very successful and I feel I have set the bar high, which, I concede is a good thing! Yet, I feel that in doing so, I may have set myself up for failure. I question, can I be as creative? Have I already peaked? Will I be able to accomplish what I hope to? In short, I’ve psyched myself out! I think this is the reason why I’ve been procrastinating on completing the 2nd activity for the Practice 2 module, as I’ve been questing my ability to pull this whole thing off!

I’ve also been questing the direction I’ve taken. How am I going to generate content for my two books? The survey report from last semester’s practice provided its own content and this proved to be a wonderful formula for creative output. I’ve been considering the option of using the online confessions portal as a ‘feeder’ for the books and this prospect excites me but it would mean me re–evaluating my whole proposal and the contexts I’d previously established. A daunting task. However, creating my own truth and lies seems an even more daunting task and I’m not even sure where to start! I’m second guessing myself and I now feel that I need to make a decision so that I can focus. Is changing my pathway the right thing to do? I’m not sure. My next course of action will be to discuss this with my tutor, my colleagues and my peers to gauge their responses. Ultimately, though I realise this is a decision I must take for myself.

The third and final point for today’s musings is a far more lighthearted and positive one. I had the good news today that, as of September, I’ll receive a substantial monthly pay rise! I am so happy about this as I’ve worked so hard the last year it feels like that hasn’t gone unnoticed. I also received a small lump sum payment for my annual flight home so my current bank balance is also looking a bit healthier than usual! For the time being at least…

Screen Shot 2015-06-25 at 8.53.44 PM

Fig 1.1 christian louboutin, (2015). Private Number. [image] Available at: [Accessed 25 Jun. 2015].


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