My focus has been far from my project today. Work and family commitments have had to take priority, starting with a business meeting at the Australian Embassy. In my capacity as senior graphic design lecturer I met with the ambassador and his wife in order to discuss a collaborative design project with my students. The college where I teach is a private Australian establishment that offers vocational diplomas and I was approached by the ambassador with a view to creating graphic artwork which would positively promote this Australian connection.

This proved to be an incredibly positive meeting and I was able to establish a much clearer idea of what the Ambassador hoped to achieve. My plan is to now transfer these requirements into a working creative brief for our students which will be applied in the coming Fall semester. I am pleased to have established such influential contacts and look forward to developing this professional relationship.

My day was productive from both a professional and social standpoint although I am writing this diary entry far later in the day than I’d like! Living in a Muslim country and being married to a Muslim man I’ve had to adapt to numerous cultural differences and this being the holy month of Ramadan means that everyone fasts during the day and then comes together in the evening for ‘fatoor’ where their fast is broken. So I’m surrounded by 12 family members and their children in a happy, noisy environment and whilst I truly value this wonderful family experience, today has made me realize that a daily diary entry may not be as easy or as straightforward as I’d anticipated!

I’ll do my utmost to ensure that I keep up my commitment but I may need to concede that some posts may need to be simple, short and to the point to accommodate my busy lifestyle. Perhaps, even, purely visual or maybe bullet pointed lists. I’ll take some time to evaluate my options and establish a plan of action for days when my time is precious.

As for today, I did manage some hurried visual research via instagram and google. I spent some time searching for inspirational drop caps to inform my planned decorative numbered chapter dividers. I found a number of interesting options but I plan to  critically evaluate their creative merit in more depth tomorrow and I’ll post more detailed evaluative findings in the next post. For now below are a few of the stand–out designs I found.

Fig 1.1

Sprinkles ampersand

Fig 1.2

W brewhouse

Fig 1.3

D Legomezstudio

Fig 1.1 missartsie, (2015). spinkles ampersand. [image] Available at: [Accessed 24 Jun. 2015].

Fig 1.2 the_brewhouse, (2015). Decorative W. [image] Available at: [Accessed 24 Jun. 2015].

Fig.1.3 leogomezstudio, (2015). The dropcaps from #theletterproject D. [image] Available at: [Accessed 24 Jun. 2015].


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