Today I’ve been re-evaluating the contexts of my work, questioning how I can push the limits of my creativity and push boundaries with this project. On reflection, the key to my most successful creative output last semester was due to the confessions of others, via my survey and I’m now beginning to realize the true value of this input. It was with this in mind that whilst putting together an ambitious research plan for the next 2 semesters I concluded that a large part of this research will come in the form of an anonymous, online confessions portal.

Today’s tasks have been to research options for this portal and determine how I want the site to function. I’ve sought advice from the idi forum and from colleagues because, first and foremost, I’m a print designer and this is very much new territory for me. I’m very much aware of my shortcomings in this area and know when to ask for help and advice. I’ve, thankfully, received some great advice and this input has helped me conclude that a second wordpress blog would be sufficient for what I want to achieve. I’ve also explored the option of setting up a website utilsing weeble or wix, which were recommended on the forum, and whilst these are great options I think wordpress is equally suitable and a familiar tool for me. I’ve yet to test things out so this may all change in practice and I’ll keep my options open for now but I think the pipe and slippers of wordpress win again!

After much debate, I’ve also concluded that I will utilise the ‘I lie kit’ name and logo as the brand and public face for this project. I considered many alternative domain names however, spending time to create a new brand identity could be better spent elsewhere when I already have a ready–made logo waiting in the wings.

It is my hope that this endeavor will build upon the success of my survey report. Utilising the lies of others really inspired me and was an incredible insight into the minds of others. I can only hope that this new platform inspires the same level of participation and creative output. With this in mind I spent the afternoon sketching, both by hand and digitally and I’ve come up with a rough visual of how I’d like the ‘I lie kit’ site to look and operate. I’m really excited at this point and very keen to see how this seed of an idea will translate into a feasible reality.

Below are my thumbnail sketches and visuals from today’s task.

Sketch 1 Sketch 2 Sketch 3 Screen Shot 2015-06-23 at 8.16.44 PM


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