I don’t consider myself to be a writer per se and, perhaps, I never will be, but what the previous modules have taught me is that self reflection is a powerful tool. Ergo, I intend to make the most of this particular challenge. If I hope to gain anything from this project it is that, by disciplining myself to write on a regular basis I create an accessible tool to look back upon my accomplishments with awareness and my failures with a critical eye; seeing the path I’ve trodden should enhance this reflective learning process. Hindsight is a wonderful teacher and being able to track progress has previously been an invaluable contributor to my decision making process. It is therefore my aim to continue in this vein.

I’ve always considered keeping a diary to be a romantic notion. Pouring your inner most thoughts, hopes, dreams and regrets seems, to me, quite the utopian vision. But fearing judgement from others somehow reading my private confessions has always prevented me from being truly honest and truly dedicated in keeping a written journal of personal disclosures. Therefore, I do not intend to use this platform as a substitute for a personal diary nor do I intend it as a vehicle to divulge my hopes and dreams; I think that would be far to uncomfortable and revealing for public viewing! What I do intend is to create a structured, dedicated chronicle which details my progress, reflections, discussions, successes, failures, frustrations and critical evaluations of creative output. There will of course be an element of personal disclosure but this will not be a space for musings on my daughter’s kindness or rantings regarding disagreements with my husband!

I’ve investigated a number of online diary websites and apps and even considered creating a hand written journal – with most of my entries initially written long hand at the offset, but ultimately I decided to continue with this WordPress blog that I created in the previous research and practice module. I am comfortable with the format; it allows me to post what I wish, as I wish hence I can concentrate on creating solid content rather than worrying about formatting options and confusing navigation. I guess, after considering all the options available I concluded that if it’s not broken, why fix it?!

This could be perceived as taking the easy way out, however, I believe this is the right choice for me. Blogging will give me the most scope to express myself in a comfortable environment. My online pipe and slippers, so-to-speak! Continuing for where I left off will also allow me to look back and evaluate my MA experience as a whole rather than segmenting the semesters into separate entities.

After much consideration I have decided that I am going to attempt a daily diary entry. The length, depth and content of which will be determined by the events of that particular day. I will commit to writing for at least half an hour each day. By establishing a regular daily routine, I hope to give myself the best opportunity to accomplish the task to the best of my ability.

To coincide with this daily diary entry I am planning, in conjunction with the Practice 2 module, a project which aims to combine my main creative research topic of lies and truth with a regular online post. What I propose, is some form of online portal, (format still to be decided) which would serve as an anonymous platform for people to post and confess their lies. I will then, on a regular, basis, review the confessions and choose the best one to graphically explore and post the result to the online platform for public viewing. It is my aim that this will serve as a creative visual diary to compliment the more critical and self reflective written blog.

In summation this will be a 2 tier project combining both creative and analytical outcomes, which will facilitate a broader understanding of my own academic journey.


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