I have spent the last few days editing and refining my work and subsequently reflecting upon the creative process that led to those outcomes. Design, for me, has become a far more digital endeavor and when yesterday, my documents arrived from the printers it felt like Christmas! I realised how much I had missed the tactile nature of print; the smell of fresh ink and the feel of quality, textured paper. Personally, this is what drives me. I find something slightly cold about a website or a social media campaign and whilst, of course, I realise their worth in today’s society, it is holding a printed brochure in my hands and leafing through the pages that offers something more meaningful for me; the ultimate in user experience, if you will! This reaffirmed that I am doing the right thing with my main project and that it is printed medium that still ignites my passion for graphic design. Moving ahead, I now feel more confident in my choices.

By preparing research, development and outcome documents I have been prompted to view my work in chronological order and this has enabled me to make sense of my working process. From an outside perspective I may seem to work haphazardly and previously this may have been the case. The difference with this project has been in my preparation. I set clear aims and objectives for what I wanted to accomplish and created an achievable schedule, incorporating daily and weekly tasks and an overview of what needed to be achieved. ‘Time chunking’ has enabled me to prioritise and organise my busy schedule; meaning I could effectively divide my time between study, work and family commitments. I’d still like to find more time for myself but unless there are some extra hours in the day this will have to remain on the bottom of my things to do list!

Whilst my project remains firmly embedded in traditional media the current modules have forced me out of my comfort zone and I have found myself experimenting with applications previously alien to me; the world of blogging being one such new experience. I have found the whole process to be an enlightening one. Taking time out to reflect on my methodologies, experimentation and outcomes has added another dimension to my practice. I haven’t always found it to be easy, reflective writing is something I really need to work at, but in hindsight I am able to see real progress in both my writing abilities and my practice. Decidedly, one directly effects the other in many ways.

Self expression and self doubt come hand in hand for me. I have always had a volatile relationship with design but by using this blog as an outlet for those doubts and continually questioning my methodologies and techniques, I have been able to alleviate some of the mixed feelings and focus more on continual improvement, building upon solid foundations. Looking forward, I see only positives and whilst I don’t think I’ll ever fully consider myself as a writer, the benefits and progression that has been generated as a direct result of self reflection far outweigh any self doubt.

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