Earlier this week I had been quoted ridiculously expensive prices to create a bespoke box. Based on this information, I made the decision to attempt to produce a second custom designed box, for my bomb project, by myself. Luckily I was able to buy, off the shelf, a gift box that was exactly the size and shape that I had in mind. Unfortunately the box I found was gold in colour and I needed it to be white, so I also purchased some white spray paint which I hoped would give me the pristine finish I required.

Along with the spray paint I also purchased several sheets of foam board, large sheets of white card and an array of double sided tape and glue. I spent the afternoon spray painting, testing and experimenting with different construction methods in order to produce an inner tray for the box which would hold the ‘I Lie Kit’ products in place. My previous experience in making 3D mock ups for packaging really helped me out during this test period and I was able to draw upon that knowledge and experience to inform my decision making process and in turn construct something, by hand, that still looked professional and gave the high quality finish I was aiming for.

I really enjoyed this process. So often as a designer and design educator I am sat in front of a computer screen creating flat 2 dimensional artwork; this was a refreshing opportunity to work with my hands and to solve design problems in a 3 dimensional sense rather than simply on a flat screen. This project is still a work in progress as I still need to complete the lid and I’m waiting for the ‘pants on fire’ to arrive back from the screen printers in order to complete the set.

On reflection this has been one of my favourite parts of my MA design journey so far. As I mentioned earlier, these days it is not a regular occurrence for me to work with my hands and this opportunity has proven to be a process of trial and error, learning  by doing, which I found to be a really refreshing way to work. Not knowing if my methods would work and then having the satisfaction of it all coming together has given me a real sense of accomplishment.

Conclusively I would like to attempt more hand rendered work as part of my ongoing project and I this activity has given me the confidence to put some of these ideas to the test.



20150509_194915 20150509_200142 20150509_201929


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