Since moving to Kuwait I haven’t had many dealings with printers. The freelance work I have done, has either been digital in nature or the client has outsourced their own print, thus my contact has been limited. I have, however, visited a well respected printing house, as part of an excursion that I arranged for my graphic design students to tour the presses, reprographics and finishing departments. From this visit I was made aware of 4films reputation for quality and their large, digital press used specifically for low quantity print runs. With this in mind I made an appointment to see Mr Romany Sawires, the company digital print representative, at their offices in the Schwiekh Industrial area of Kuwait.

Upon arrival I was escorted to a large, airy meeting room and spent the next half an hour briefing Mr Sawires on my project requirements. I took with me numerous sketches and computer visuals to ensure there was a clear understanding of my objectives for print and I left feeling that I had been well prepared and sufficiently organised in explaining the exact specification that I had in mind. I then waited eagerly for the quote to arrive and less than 24 hours later it landed in my inbox. I knew it wasn’t going to be cheap to produce 2 40 page, 1 off brochures and a custom made box but I wasn’t quite expecting the price to come back as high as it did. I was quoted 80KD for the 2 brochures and a further 90KD for the box, which roughly converts to around £400 GBP.

Subsequently I have made an appointment at another printing house on Saturday morning to try to negotiate a cheaper quotation, but I am aware that I am running out of time with only a week to go before submission. My idea of the box may have to be shelved due to the costs and time constraints I am faced with, therefore I am working on an alternative solution using an opaque band to wrap around the two brochures intended as a visual metaphor for transparency.

At first I viewed this as being a real setback in terms of the aesthetic I am trying to achieve but this is still something I could look to explore in the coming modules and I could perhaps consider creating a box that would not only house these 2 documents but also the 2 books I aim to produce in order to form one large cohesive set.

I am determined that I will find a positive solution and in exploring alternatives I have realised that I need to view the bigger picture rather than viewing these two modules as stand alone entities. Perhaps I can minimise future costs by sourcing print from the UK, I am planning a trip to England in September and this would be an ideal opportunity to set up some meetings with printers to discuss an overseas collaboration for the next step in my project’s journey.

Below: Sketches for the custom box idea

Screen Shot 2015-05-08 at 3.53.53 PM


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